I am an Art Director/Designer who has extensive print, web and interactive design experience for a variety of Fortune 500 companies including Pfizer, Disney, Sony, Bayer and others such as Estee Lauder and ETrade. My experience in the design field in New York City spans 15 years over various industries. I have been employed in the Pharmaceutical, Fashion, Tech and Social Media spaces and always am open to new and exciting opportunities. Samples of my professional work can be viewed via the menu to the left. My current professional profile can be viewed at

In 2008 I rediscovered a passion for vibrantly colored plastic pieces that occupied so much of my time as a child. I decided to combine this passion with fine arts to create unique works of art. My direction is to further deconstruct contemporary, popular culture through the medium itself, LEGO. The pure, consistent color allows for a uniform and bold graphic style translating perfectly from my background in the graphic design and multimedia arts field. Many of my LEGO works to date can be viewed here.

I am always looking for new and exciting design opportunities and LEGO builds. You can follow @theworldinbricks on Instagram and @worldinbricks on Twitter, or contact me below.